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Mar 01
Joe Sixpack’s red hot poker. Plus: A first look at Attic Brewing

Joe Sixpack gets all Mr. Science-like with a red hot poker and a way to instantly…

Feb 27
Wendy Yuengling on What’s Brewing. PLUS: Tons of great beer

The history of the sixpack, spiced beers and a chat with Wendy Yuengling.

Feb 25
A visit to Yuengling Brewery. PLUS: Mansplaining

We visit Yuengling brewery, tackle “mansplaining,” and check out the No. 1…

Feb 22
Election Day brews and a visit to Round Guys Brewing

The tradition of drinking beer on Election Day. Plus, proper glassware, a look at…

Feb 20
Epic tour of Phoenixville

Our epic tour of Phoenixville, visiting 5 breweries in one afternoon: Iron Hill, Root…

Feb 18
An early look at Workhorse Brewing. PLUS: Aroma and interview with a docu maker

In which we chat with filmmaker Nate Kresge about Poured in Pa. Then Joe and Glen talk…

Feb 16
How to turn crappy beer into something tasty

How to turn crappy beer into something tasty, a look at the newest beer style (New…

Feb 14
Beer Snobs, Oktoberfest, a visit to Deer Creek malthouse and more from Yards

We’re back at Yards in the second episode of What’s Brewing, with a look…

Feb 12
Debut Episode: What’s Brewing at Yards Brewing

 We interview Yards chief Tom Kehoe, visit Levante Brewing in West Chester, and try…

Dec 07
Pennsylvania’s Favorite IPA: Vote Now in What’s Brewing’s Final Round

After 3 months of voting, we’ve reached the final matchup in What’s Brewing’s IPA…