New releases from Village Idiot, Free Will, McAllister and many more

And Now For Your Feature Presentation

Gusto (Jersey Shore)

Blueberry IPA brewed with wheat and oats. Hopped with Mosaic and Centennial, then re-fermented on pure blueberry puree. 7.8% abv.

Gusto Blueberry

Awesome, But Impractical

Neshaminy Creek (Buxco)


Clean and balanced, its dark black hue gives way to notes of toasted bread crumbs, toffee and hints of roasted coffee all with a restrained hop bitterness and smooth medium body. Subtle roast on the back end, dries out and begs for another round. 4.6% abv.

neshaminy creek awesome but impractical

Rising Sun IPA

Iron Hill (All Locations)


Made with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops to create a spicy citrus flavor profile with the perfect kick of American hops, featuring notes of lemon and coconut, making every sip a Zen-like experience. 7.3% abv.

iron hill rising sun


Brüt Force and Ignorance

McAllister (Montco)


Perfect pairing of Champagne dryness, IPA aroma and citrus taste. Made with both ale and Champagne yeast and dry-hopped with a load of Centennial and Citra hops. 7.5% abv.

McAllister Brut Force

Dutch Maiden

Roy Pitz (Philly)


Saison made with rosemary and local honey. 6% abv.

Roy Pitz Dutch Maiden

Caffiene Corner IPA

Three 3s (Jersey)


The first of our employee-brewed beers, from Kerri Finn. She cooked up a variant of her favorite APA with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Harvest Coffee, dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic Azacca and Centennial, her homage to Dwight from “The Office.” 6.2% abv.



Free Will (Buxco)


A new-age, no-boil IPA with Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Mosaic. We brewed this one using local malts from our friends at Deer Creek Malthouse and bloody butcher heirloom corn meal from Castle Valley Mill. We utilized a no-boil brewing method in order to achieve a fluffy and full-bodied mouthfeel with notes of papaya, mango, banana custard and tropical fruit juice. 6.3% abv.

free will angel

Perfect Strangers

Funk (Lehigh Valley) and Ever Grain (Chicago)


This beer was born out of a happen meeting of the Norms: Norm from Funk Brewing and Norm from Ever Grain Brewing in Chicago, while visiting Pennsylvania native and former brewer at Appalachian Brewing, Andreas Miller, at Great Central Brewing in Chicago. After a few too many beers and maybe a few deep-dish pizzas, Perfect Strangers was conceived. A love child of Juice Juicy IPA and Citrus IPA, this imperial India pale ale is everything you want in a NEIPA juice bomb. Double dry-hopped with an absurd amount of Amarillo and Simcoe hops, flavor of grapefruit and mango, with a sticky pine finish. This double walks the fine line between juicy northeast and bitter west coast. 7.9% abv.

Perfect stranger

Basilia Baltic Porter

East Branch (Chesco)


Roasty and powerful with a blend of toffee, chocolate and caramel. 6.8% abv.

East Branch Baltic Porter

The Kolsch

Hidden Sands (Jersey Shore)


Fermented with ale yeast but cold conditioned like a lager for a clean, crisp finish. Light bodied and hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic adds a twist to this classic style. 5% abv.

Hidden Sands Kolsch

Bière Brut

Village Idiot (Jersey)


We’ve been enjoying the other Brut IPA’s in the area (Spellbound Brewing and Zed’s Beer-Bado Brewing) so we decided to make our own. Final gravity on ours is 0.998. The extreme dryness is achieved with the use of the enzyme amyloglucosidase. When a beer ferments, yeast consumes “fermentable” sugars and metabolizes them into ethanol, CO-2 and other compounds. But there’s almost always “residual” sugar left over, that is, sugars that the yeast does not or cannot consume. Historically, residual sugar is a key component in the balance of a beer— it balances hop bitterness and contributes to the beer’s body and structure. Brut IPAs have no residual sugar at all, as the added enzyme converts non-fermentable sugars into ones that the yeast readily consume, drying the finished beer out completely. Extreme dryness, high carbonation, low bitterness and high hop aromatics seem to be the hallmarks of Brut IPA. Another benefit is these dryer beers have much less carbohydrates than those hazy New England lactose IPAs. 7.4% abv.

Village idiot biere brut


Kelly Green (Jersey)


This beer started with a soft bed of wheat and oats and was generously dry hopped with Cascade and Mosaic then double dry-hopped with more Mosaic and Amarillo. 7% abv.Kelly Green Groceries


Manual Automation, Ursa Major

Wilmington Beer Works (Delaware)

Our latest installment is generously hopped with Denali, Cascade, and Idaho7 for an assertive hop finish and light bitterness. Moderate citrus notes are enhanced with a floral quality and imparts a juiciness unique to WBW, thanks to our wild IPA yeast. 6.2% abv.

Manual Automation Ursa Major

Softer Stroke

Sacred Vice (Philly)


We threw our accommodating, drinkable Saison into clean, charred white oak. What results? Like your great-grandmother is giving you money and candy on top of undeserved compliments. 6.6% abv.

Sacred Vice Softer

The Space

Heavy Reel (Jersey Shore)


Mixing old school (Chinook, Cascade) with new school (2018 Citra, Citra Lupulin). As usual, another no hop boil with a ton of hops on the cold side leave this beer bursting with aroma. 7.5% abv.

Heavy Reel The Space


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