Bryce yourself for this new beer

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than an hour after word broke yesterday that the Phillies had signed Bryce Harper, Broken Goblet Brewing announced it would brew a beer in honor of the highest-paid Major League Baseball player.

The Bryce is Right won’t be released till May. But the label was posted on Instagram almost immediately after the $330 million contract was announced.

“Maybe three minutes,” Mike LaCouture, owner of the Bristol, Pa., brewery, said when I asked him how long it took to publish the label. “That might be a bit of an exaggeration. But as soon as we figured [the signing] wasn’t a hoax, we put down our wrenches and hammers and got it online.”

The brewery – undergoing an expansion at a new location in Bensalem – is a master of what LaCouture calls “publicity beers.” It grabbed headlines in 2018 after producing No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care IPA, a tribute to Jason Kelce’s memorable Eagles championship speech. Then, less than a month after the Flyers unveiled their viral mascot, Gritty, the brewery produced Nightmare Fuel made with “bruised oranges.”

Dozens of media outlets reported on each of the new beers and their labels were shared widely on social media.

In this instance, the danger of acting so quickly is Harper or the Phillies may object to the use of his name or caricature on a beer label. “We could get cease-and-desisted,” LaCouture said. “I guess it’s a chance we take.”

Nonetheless, unveiling a new, fully designed beer label with a witty name within minutes of the big news is unheard of.

“The truth is, we had it done about a month ago,” LaCouture said. “When the [contract] talks got started, we decided we’d try to grab a bit of publicity.”

Of course, you can name a beer anything. But the recipe on this IPA seems fitting: “The Bryce is Right covers all the bases,” says the label, with flavors of passionfruit (a nod to Phillies fans) and baseball-appropriate bubblegum.

By the way, don’t expect Harper to ever taste his namesake beer. He’s a Mormon who says “my body is my temple.”



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