17 New Releases This Week: March 11, 2019

They Burn Them All Away

Broken Goblet (Buxco)


Belgian-style Quad that’s deceptively drinkable for the ABV and simply gorgeous to just stare at in your glass of choice. We tapped our pal Buddy Nestor to come up with the art design, a trio of otherworldly heads inspired by the film “Jacob’s Ladder.” Brewed for Decibel Metal and Beer Fest. 10% abv.

Broken Goblet They Burn Them All Away

Have Fun

Bald Birds (Montco)


Huge papaya notes, juicy fruit, all that jazz. 8.3% abv.

Bald Birds Have Fun

Weaponized Yoga

Gusto (Jersey)


Rye saison that’s like a sun salutation with a slap. 5.25% abv.

Gusto Weaponized Yoga


Tonewood (Jersey)


IPA brweed with malted oats and hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7, Citra and Chinook. 7% abv.

Tonewood Rift

Bleed Green

Rebel Hill (Chesco)


Originally brewed in celebration of our beloved Eagles. Double dry-hopped with heaps of Mosaic accompanied by Columbus. This beer literally bleeds green from the amount of hops used. Bursting with citrus goodness. 6.8% abv.

Rebel Hill Bleed Green

Colonial Rebellion

Pottstown United (Montco)

Made with pilsner malt tediously floor malted by our friends at Deer Creek Malthouse, and hopped with Hüell Melon hops. This beer is crisp, floral, with a delicate malt flavor. 4.9%abv.

Pottstown United Colonial Rebellion

Splitting Image

Crime & Punishment (Philly)


A double-hopped Gose, this distinctive beverage was brewed with wheat and pale malt from our pals Deer Creek Malthouse, French grey sea salt and coriander, and dry-hopped abundantly with Chinook and Citra. Pointed flavors of pineapple, green tea lemonade, and salted grapefruit make way for a refreshing and dry finish. 4.8% abv.

Crime and Punishment Splitting Image

Playwicki Pale Ale

Naked Brewing (Bucks)


Double dry-hopped with Centennial, this well-balanced beer is citrus forward with notes of lemon and lime.

naked brewing playwicki

Hop the Magic Dragon

Atco (Jersey)


Bursting with mildly sweet citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Fermented in a way to add a little tartness to top off this great double IPA. 8.5% abv.

Atco Hop the Magic Dragon

Spiced Wafer

Village Idiot (Jersey)


Like a ginger snap. 4.6% abv.

Village Idiot Spiced Wafer Ginger Ale


Imprint (Montco)


Kettle sour with mangoes, tart cherries and limes. 5.6% abv.

Imprint Sugaree

Em & Em

Tin Lizard (Montco)


This NE IPA is hopped with Motueka and Mosaic hops. Motueka’s notes of fresh lime with a tropical fruit finish, this tasty IPA melds perfectly with Mosaic’s mango, citrusy and fresh pine notes. Fermented with English ale yeast. 6.2% abv.

Tin Lizard Em and Em

Heart of Gold

Love City (Philly)


A kettle-soured ale fermented with apricot. Tart, with notes of juicy apricot and a dry finish.

Love City Heart of Gold

Quasi Projects

Hidden River (Berks)


Quasi Projects arise from our dreams. They start in the Other and slowly work themselves into the reality of our everyday lives. An idea for a beer can start in our mind’s eye, then can be brought to fruition through our work in the brewhouse. Quasi Projects, once just a thought, is now a real German pale ale hopped with an unprecedented 14 different hops! Pungent and dank with notes of light spice, lemon, evergreen resins, and a touch of white grape, this pale ale is easy, soft and delicious. Enjoy one or two and see what types of Quasi Projects you can make real! 5.6% abv.

Hidden River Quasi Projects

Lil’ Hideaway

Neshaminy Creek (Bucks)


Small brown ale made from the second runnings from Leon Russian imperial stout. Double dry-hopped with Galaxy, Kohatu, and Motueka, this crushable. 3.0%

Neshaminy Creek Lil Hideaway

Doreenie’s Tahini Treat

Second District (Philly)


Born from a run-in with an Israeli Orri Mandarin, Ben and Doreen set out to brew a juicy citrus IPA. As the mash-in on brew day ensued, the discussion of modern IPA semantics led Doreen’s foodie-centric mind to wander to another idea – a Tahini Milkshake IPA – since they were using Israeli Mandarins. So here we are… our first (last?) milkshake IPA. Brewed with malted oats and roasted sesame seeds, then fermented with a classic English yeast strain. Refermented on 80 pounds of fresh house-puréed Orri Mandarin Orange, with a sprinkle of Madagascar vanilla bean. Dry-hopped with additional toasted sesame and heaps of Citra keef and Motueka. Even-handed yet highly evocative of distant dreams of lemon meringue baths, tropical fruit clouds, and essential oil rain drops. 6.7% abv.

2nd District Doreenie’s Tahini Treat Mandarin Milkshake IPA

Cream Ale

Free Will (Buxco)


Our secret obsession (no longer a secret) is this little, unassuming, simply named – yet often confused – Cream Ale. This is a beer for you and I, a beer for the masses, a beer with nostalgia in mind, and ultimately a desire to quench your thirst. Brewed with flaked maize and hopped with Czech Saaz to create a refreshing, easy-drinking ale that is crisp, clean and always appropriate. 5.0% abv.


free will cream ale


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