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Are you a brewery, a retailer or a beer importer? 

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People who enjoy craft beer appreciate quality and character. They spend money on travel and entertainment and dining and more. They buy tickets to festivals, they attend tastings, they explore craft beer destinations and, of course, they drink great beer.

Over the last 25 years, Joe Sixpack has built a devoted following in the Philadelphia region, through weekly newspaper columns, TV appearances and events including Philly Beer Week. 

Each week, up to 100,000 beer enthusiasts tune into his weekly TV show, What’s Brewing with Glen Macnow and Joe Sixpack on NBCSports-Philadelphia. 

Thousands more subscribe to his weekly newsletter, where they get timely, exclusive content about  events, new beers and other beer-related news.

Now, you can reach that audience as a sponsor of What’s Brewing TV and Philly Beer World’s weekly newsletter.

Here’s how you can connect!

TV Sponsor - Site Host

In just its first season, What’s Brewing with Joe Sixpack and Glen Macnow drew between 75,000 and 100,000 viewers each week, with up to six separate airings on NBCSports-Philadelphia, before and after 76ers, Flyers and Phillies games.

Want a taste of the show? Check us out on YouTube, where viewers can watch us any time!

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities – including bonus placement in Joe Sixpack’s weekly newsletter (below).

Site Host – Two unique episodes (30-minutes each) taped from your location. Both shows air up to six separate times. Includes one-minute promo from Glen & Joe to air in a subsequent show and social media $1,850.

Featured Segment – A 3-to-5-minute feature at your location, promoting your event or business. $600.

Spot Buy – A 30-second commercial inserted twice per show. (That’s as many as 12 airings per week for one low price!) $300. (For longer runs, rate is negotiable. Production available – costs based on complexity of spot – minimum $500).

Newsletter sponsor - Sorry, temporarily unavailable

Every Wednesday and Friday, Joe Sixpack’s Philly Beer World lands in the in-boxes of about 10,000 of the region’s most dedicated beer enthusiasts. And data tracking shows they read it.

With timely columns, reports on new releases and events, and Joe Sixpack’s always newsy Beer Radar, each newsletter is packed with beer-soaked info that readers are eager to follow.

Your sponsorship not only supports this newsletter, it gets your name out in front of a loyal audience. 

Here’s what you get:

A short description of your business and its highlights, and a link to your website and/or business telephone.

$175 for four weeks

Sponsored Blog Post - Sorry, temporarily unavailable

Joe Sixpack will put his own, unique spin on your content. Whether your item is about a new restaurant, a beer release, an event or just about anything else connected to the world of beer, it will draw even more attention with a sponsored blog post.

We’ll conduct the necessary interviews, write the item (maximum 300 words), include relevant art (supplied by you), and post the item on Joe Sixpack’s blog. Then, it’ll be republished in the Philly Beer Week newsletter, in its entirety.


Posts are labeled as “Sponsored Content.”

Sponsored post advertising at Philly Beer World

Featured Event - Sorry, temporarily unavailable

You have a festival or a beer tasting, and you want to reach an audience of beer lovers? You came to the right place.

Philly Beer World’s weekly newsletter includes the region’s best calendar of upcoming can’t-miss events. Your event will be listed online with a ticket link, photos and more, and shared on social media. Then, we’ll promote it as a featured event in the Philly Beer Week newsletter for four weeks.


Yes, we’ll reduce this price in exchange for giveaway tix. 

New Beer Release - Sorry, temporarily unavailable

Joe Sixpack writes about the latest, greatest flavors every week – there are 100s of them! Get your new beer noticed as a featured release.

Your new release will be featured in Philly Beer Week’s newsletter, with a photo and full description.